Great Tips for Repairing Computer Mouse Problems

At one point in time, you may experience sudden problems with your PC mouse which can be a very annoying situation. Using a mouse for desktop computers is especially important and we just cannot simply go on with our usual computer routines without a mouse. If the mouse fails to work suddenly, the problem may be related to the mouse itself, the computer or also the computer’s operating system. To solve such problem, you should be familiar with the right steps.

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First, you must clean your computer mouse. Unplug it, turn it over and twirl the ring in a clockwise direction to take it out. Then, remove the trackball from the mouse’s interior. You can clean the trackball using warm water. Let it dry thoroughly before putting it back. In the meantime, you can also clean the rollers of the mouse using a cotton swab with alcohol. Afterwards, put back the trackball to where you’ve removed it earlier then return the retaining ring. You can also clean the mouse’s exterior with cotton and a bit of alcohol. You may use a damp cloth also, especially for cleaning optical mouses.

Plug in the mouse with a connector which is a USB or PS/2. Examine if there are twisted or broken pins and plug the mouse cautiously to make sure that there is a secure connection. Restart your PC, then check if the mouse works again.

You can also try connecting the mouse to another computer to check if the problem is related to your computer. If it works on other ones but not on your PC, then your computer or operating system is probably the main problem.

Check if the device are conflicting with each other. If you have installed other devices on your computer, there may be resulting conflicts with your computer mouse. You can remove the new hardware and corresponding drivers, then restart the computer.


Ergonomic Computer Mice – The Advantages of an Ergonomic Computer Mouse

People who spend long hours at their computer understand the need for proper ergonomic devices, including ergonomic computer mice. These are wonderful investments that can help prevent many aches and pains associated with constant typing and wrist movement.

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While ergonomic keyboards have found quick favor with the health conscious, computerized public, an ergonomic computer mouse can add even more preventive measures to your computer tasks. It is important for consumers to understand how much ergonomics really contribute to healthy hands, fingers, and wrists.

When you continuously use a computer mouse during the course of your day, your hands, and fingers can often be cramped into a position that can induce not only sore fingers, but also the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. When this condition is left untreated, it can result in serious damage and require surgery. To avoid this it is necessary to take a look at the equipment that you are using, including your mouse.

There are a number of styles to look at when you opt for an ergonomic mouse and you do not necessarily get the best benefit from the most expensive model. The important factor is that you find the one that offers your hands and fingers the pressure relief needed while still being easy to use. When you use ergonomic keyboards, wrist pads, chairs and other devices, you are gaining the joint support needed to avoid repetitive stress problems like carpal tunnel. The ergonomic mouse is a very critical need because you are constantly using the mouse, almost as much as the keyboard. Being very economical to purchase, this an important tool for anyone who works with a computer on a daily basis.

If you are already suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, consult with your doctor on the proper ergonomic mouse that will help you the most. Many will look and feel very different when you first try them out, but in just a few hours, it will delight you with how comfortable and easy it is to use. Most users quickly become accustomed to their new mouse and wonder why they did not make the choice sooner.

When you make an ergonomic mouse an addition to your office environment at both work and home, you will almost instantly notice that your hands and fingers feel better. If you combine this mouse with other ergonomic office accessories like keyboards, the benefits will be increased even more. For better joint health and easier working conditions, ergonomic devices are one of the best choices that you can make.

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The Benefits of Using Adesso 230 Portable Computer Keyboard

When it comes to keyboards people often look for something that can work under hard conditions and can be easily transported. The Adesso 230 portable computer keyboard can be bent, folded, and twisted without the keyboard suffering from any damages. It can also be placed under water without the keyboard being broken. It is resistant to water, and the protective covering keeps the keyboard from being assaulted by dust and other contaminants. This flexible keyboard can be used under all kinds of conditions due to its protective covering that keeps it safe without the keyboard being damaged. The Adesso 230 portable computer keyboard is made from silicone as its protective covering to reduce the risk of suffering from damages.

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The design of the Adesso 230 portable computer keyboard is flat thus relieving the wrists from the stress that a normal computer keyboard has. The keys are slightly elevated to give better tactile feedback than the former designs. The Adesso 230 portable computer keyboard has undergone a series of product testing to ensure the keyboard is durable and will withstand damage from everyday use. Part of the testing procedure is soaking the Adesso 230 flexible keyboard under water, rolling, twisting, and bending it out of shape. And yet the Adesso 230 portable computer keyboard still works without suffering any damages. Preventing the keyboard from suffering from any kind of damage is one of the goals of the testing phase of the product.

There are several benefits when using the Adesso 230 flexible computer keyboard. One, it is water resistant. Any amount of water spilled on to it can be easily wiped off and it will still work without suffering any damages. Second, it has a protective covering that keeps germs and dust from getting inside the keyboard. This feature makes the keyboard easy to use in places such as hospitals where they can just disinfect it after use without the keyboard’s usability being affected. Third, the flexible keyboard can be easily transported so people can carry it anywhere they go. It can be placed inside bags without the keyboard suffering from any damages. And lastly, it is highly resistant to dust which is why it can be used in dust prone areas such as factories and the like.

The Adesso 230 flexible keyboard is highly recommended to people who are in constant need of a keyboard. People can easily transport the keyboard, and with its protective covering that keeps dust from entering, it is perfectly safe. The product can be bought in local stores and even online. There are plenty of shops out there who are offering this type of brand and design so anyone can have the peace of mind when it comes to their keyboard.

The Adesso 230 portable computer keyboard is definitely the best keyboard to be found in stores today. Purchasing one will provide satisfaction to users. With the keyboard’s protective covering keeping it safe, you do not have to worry about bringing it wherever you go.

How To Buy Computer Keyboard Styles That Work For You

When it is time to buy computer keyboard styles, there are a ton to choose from, so how do you know what’s right for you? There are so many different types of computer keyboards it can be difficult to choose the right one. You want to ensure the one you select offers optimal performance as well as comfort.

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If you spend a lot of time at your computer then your keyboard is going to be crucial to ensuring your comfort level while typing. A few tips below will help you find the right keyboard for you.

Test Out The Keyboard

Do not buy a keyboard simply because it looks good. Do not buy a keyboard because someone else told you it offers the most comfort. Each person has their own way of sitting, resting their wrists and typing and not every one person can find comfort in the same keyboard. The fact that we are all so different is why there are so many styles of keyboards on the market.

Some people love the ergonomic keyboards, while others can’t stand them. This reason alone should tell you that you have to test drive the keyboard before you buy it. You would not pay that high dollar price tag for a Porsche if you did not know how it handled, so don’t pay for a keyboard until you have tried it out.

Check out a variety of different keyboard styles and take the time to type on them. Make sure it is in the position it would be on your home pc and begin typing to see how it feels. If you are unable to find your comfort zone or you think that the keys feel odd where they are placed, don’t buy it. You could end up compromising your work if you are not comfortable enough to type properly on the keyboard you choose.


When you buy computer keyboard styles, remember that budget does matter. There are several keyboards on the market that are way over priced, don’t get hustled. There may be so many bells and whistles on the keyboard that it just looks amazing and you think you have to have it, but think about what you really need and put comfort first. You can find keyboards that range from a few bucks to a few hundred bucks. Some people are more comfortable with the higher priced keyboards, but others are just fine with the cheap ones, be sure you know your comfort level before busting your budget on something you don’t need.


There are a ton of features that can be found on computer keyboards and not all are needed or wanted by everyone. The newer and more advanced keyboards offer a wide variety of features including short cut keys to popular desktop components. You can find keyboards that offer DVD functions to open, close or eject a CD or DVD and even controls for volume, fast forward and play while in the video software.

The shortcut keys can be a great benefit to some people and can actually just be in the way for others. You need to use the keyboard and test it out before making a purchase, find out how useful those extra knobs and buttons really are for you.


You have to be sure that the keyboard you choose is compatible with your computer. Most new keyboard styles are connected through USB but older ones will still require the old plug in method. If you are looking to buy computer keyboard styles that are newer you should have no problem matching it with your system. If you have a USB open for the keyboard it will be picked up as a plug and play part and no installation will be needed. If you did buy the keyboard with all the fancy features you may need to install software or device drivers for it to work properly on your machine and get the full benefit of the accessory.

Just remember when you are looking to buy computer keyboard styles that comfort is the most important thing, do not buy one because it is hot pink and matches your nail polish or has fancy features you may never use until you have tested it for comfort.

Why Should You Buy Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

Your might be wondering why you should spend so much money in buying a so called ergonomic computer keyboard rather than straight flat standard computer keyboard that cause you a lot less money. Well, sometimes shopping for a computer keyboard is equal to shopping for a new car. Mostly, you don’t know how crappy your car / computer keyboard is until you try out a better car or ergonomic computer keyboard. There are couple of reasons why you should buy ergonomic computer keyboard instead of straight standard keyboard if you have to work all the time using your computer in the office or at home.

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First of all is the result of research won’t lie. Over the past few years, there are many ergonomic scientists or engineers have been working together to analyze and study how human operates the computer keyboards and possible hurts that human got after typing on computer keyboard for long time. Because of this research and study, these specialists have come out a special design computer keyboard that they think can maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort. For example, Microsoft has her own group of ergonomic scientists in researching and developing her line of ergonomic computer keyboards and mouse products that first to be used on Microsoft employees and see how they feel about the computer keyboards and mouse, then the scientists and engineers will make improvements depend on users’ comments. Hence, ergonomic keyboards are the result of hundreds or thousands of hours of research and study on how human operates computer keyboard and what can be done to create a better computer keyboard for all of us to use.

Secondly, you got to believe that your hands are not flat. When you are typing on a regular standard keyboard, you have to watch carefully how your hands are positioning in order for you to type on the standard keyboard. You will notice that, you have to bend your both your right and left hands a little bit and make them sit on the middle on the computer keyboard. Believe it or not, if you have positioning your hands like that for quite a while, your shoulders going to get hurt. Hence, this is why ergonomic computer keyboard is invented. Ergonomic computer keyboard allows you to lay your hands comfortably on it without you have to bend your hands to fit into the keyboard instead the computer keyboard is designed to fix your hands.

In a nutshell, the standard flat computer keyboard is designed without studying how human operates computer keyboard. It is designed so that you and I have to adjust our hands to fit the computer keyboard. On the other hand, ergonomic computer keyboard is designed so that the keyboard itself fits our hands and the ways we operate compute keyboard. Neverhtless, one advice for you if you are looking for ergonomic computer keyboard is to look around and try out different ergonomic computer keyboard that suit you the most before you decide which one to buy.

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Logitech MX815 Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech MX815 Gaming Mouse is a rather well-known device in the computer gaming community. It’s one of the more popular gaming peripherals, and for good reason.

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Logitech’s MX815 is a wonderful entry-level gaming mouse. I say it’s entry-level only because of the fact that it comes with the basic needs that your average computer gamer would need, without a ton of extra bells and whistles that might be overwhelming (and often unnecessary) for most.

– 1800 dpi optical engine
– Ergonomic comfort design
– In-game sensitivity controls
– Programmable buttons
– Software to customize mouse for certain games

Probably the most important factor when buying a new mouse, for gaming or not, is how it feels in your hand. Let me start off by saying that I personally love the feel of this mouse. I do a decent amount of gaming, and this mouse does everything I would ever need it to. Even the clicks feel very strong and responsive. The natural shape with the thumb rest is fantastic and my mouse hand honestly never gets too tired or cramped even after many hours. If there is one complaint, it’s that the mouse is rather light and a weighted mouse is normally preferred for gaming.

The MX815 comes with a multitude of different buttons that have their own functions, however they can also all be customizable to do whatever you want them to. The standard functions include your two primary left and right clicks, two side buttons positioned near the thumb, a + and – button for quick access to different DPI settings, an “alt+tab” button, and the scroll wheel buttons that click right, left, and down. While their standard settings are extremely useful on their own, remember that you can customize them to follow all sorts of macros or other functions. One set of buttons you probably won’t want to change are the DPI buttons – These are quite useful for on the fly setting changes. If you like different sensitivities for different games, you simply have to click the + or – button to change it, and it’s just as easy to change it back.

Overall it’s just a great mouse, for gaming or not. It feels good, it’s very responsive, it has a lot of room for customization, and it’s something that’s going to last you a long time. If you’re looking for a solid gaming mouse that will cover all your needs, as well as having a very reasonable price, I definitely recommend checking out Logitech’s MX815 Gaming Mouse.

Logitech Trackball Mouse – A Whole New Ballgame

Have you been wondering lately why your writs hurts so when you snap your lunch box shut? Or try to steer your car? It could be because you are not using the correct mouse. Not rodents, the mouse of your computer. Due to prolonged hours of usage, a bad mouse could lead to serious orthopaedic problems on your wrist. Sometimes, it also leads to fracture. This is especially true for people like writers, computer engineers and internet fans who are used to spending more than half of their time with the computer.

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The Logitech trackball Mouse enables people just like these (and others too!) overcome these problems. It is designed precisely to be able to fit into the grooves of your palm and fingers, so as to provide you with complete comfort and least strain when you are using the computer. You can now coolly play games, surf the internet and write emails for as long as you wish on your computer without feeling that wrenching pain on your wrist which makes you feel like your hand going to fall off at the wrist.

Logitech Trackball Mouse has been appreciated by almost all of its users. People feel especially happy with that fact that it required very little maintenance, other than routine dusting. Its smooth action and quick response also makes it a very highly reliable and trustworthy gadget. The prices are extremely low, and completely affordable. Logitech Trackball Mouse is available to you in various styles – wireless – Bluetooth or optical, and with wires – optical and regular.

They are very durable, and will last you a long time, unlike those of most other local companies. They also come with a warranty – so that if in case something does happen, you will be able to claim a free repair or a new one. Logitech Trackball Mouse products usually have 5 easy access buttons and a scrolling wheel to make your experience comfortable and easy. They respond quickly and fast, and won’t make you end up banging them on the computer table. If you are a person of the digital age – Logitech Trackball Mouse is the product for you.